A unique and unforgettable day like your wedding, deserves to be remembered forever through spontaneous images, which will become a unique and romantic visual narrative of your marriage. Riccio Blu will produce for you the memory that you always dreamed of for your wedding.

The approach, which is characteristic of our team, is the documentary style, a story of images where naturalness and fleeting moments play the leading role. During your “big day” Riccio Blu team will constantly and discreetly be by your side to document your day, without invading the natural flow of the event.


During our shooting, we know that in every moment we have a big responsibility.

For the most important day of all, we will capture the most unique moments to make them unforgettable and fixed in your memory.

We offer our expertise with the highest commitment for the day you always dreamed of.

We have the duty to transform the day of your marriage into a unique and everlasting memory.

Documentary Photography

The reportage approach allows us to tell the story of your wedding through real images, not staged, which describes the happenings in a simple and natural way to keep a faithful memory of your unforgettable day.

Wedding Film

The video story of your wedding. Your emotions and those of your family and friends will be collected in a unique and unforgettable way. In addition, our wedding trailer will summarise it all in a few minutes and you can show to all your friends and share with everyone!


Personalized graphics representing your story, your common interest, your experience, which give to your unforgettable day a unique and original visual identity, created to satisfy your expectations.


To make your memories tangible and save for all time is for us the completion of a successful job well done. The printed version will be adequately chosen to appear wonderfully unique. Countless solutions can be applied to your final product in order to create ‘your own’ photo-album.


We can realise and fulfil a large variety of services for you and your tastes. Your wedding is an extraordinary collection of shared moments of happiness. Please do not hesitate to ask and we will do our utmost to satisfy all your needs.

Same Day Edit

A video preview produced in the same day of your wedding to immediately broadcast the most important moments. Showcased during your wedding reception, it will be an occasion of great emotions to share with all your family and friends. Leave it in our hands.

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